Appliance Servicing

Appliance Servicing

The Caravan Repair Centre - Your One-Stop-Shop For All Motorhome Problems

A combination of expertise and a vast array of spares.

Wondering where to get your motorhome fully restored and functional, without needing to drive from one place to another? Visit the Caravan Repair Centre. Located in Blaenavon, Caravan Repair Centre carries a vast array of spares to cater for your motorhome repair issues. The centre combines the needed expertise to its facilities to help recover any kind of motorhome.
Why Choose The Caravan Repair Centre?

Gas Safety registered, The Camping And Caravanning Club approved, NCC approved
Experienced engineers, with the know-how and certifications to back it up
Level 3 certification for Inspection and Testing for all Electrical Equipment
City And Guilds Caravan Engineering qualification
Your Best Choice For Motorhome Parts - Our Facilities
The Caravan Repair Centre is equipped with top-notch, modern facilities that cater for all types of motorhome repairs and parts needs. Here is why:

The centre has a recovery lorry, specifically kitted out with everything that could be needed to get your motorhome up and running again.
A multipurpose company van best-suited to vehicles that can be towed and caravans with severe accident damage, etc.
All the necessary facilities are available on-site to make it possible to repair your vehicle and return it to you as soon as possible.

The facilities allow for the recovery of both motorhomes and caravans quickly, safely, and without causing any further damage (as some recovery companies have done in the past).
Your Best Choice For Motorhome Parts - The Expertise
The Caravan Repair Centre has a team of experienced engineers and drivers with extensive knowledge in both repairs and recovery. Accreditations held by our engineers include: Coachman Aftercare Certificate for rear panel repair and replacement, Level 3 Certificate for Inspection and Testing with regards to Electrical Equipment and the Advanced Cert in Carpentry and Joinery from City and Guilds. Other accreditations include Caravan Engineering from City and Guilds, Level 2 NVQ from Edexcel and Alde Technical Service Training, You know your motorhome is the best hands with this team.
Wide Range Of Services
Caravan Services offers an unmatched wide range of services. The company provides gas certification damp, fibreglass and accident repairs. We also provide general servicing and PAT testing services. Also included is appliance servicing and accessory fitment. Additionally, you can also expect the following services:

Electrical installation
Static repairs
Front end damage repairs
Mobile servicing
Rear end damage repairs
General annual servicing
Rear panel repairs
Insurance repairs
Water ingress
Servicing for all appliances

Aside from its shop location in Blaenavon, The Caravan Repair Centre serves customers from all over the world including Germany, Scotland, Ireland and even New Zealand.

Don’t make any decision on your motorhome repairs and parts without first getting in touch with this company.

Locate the Caravan Repair Centre in Blaenavon. Or can contact them on

The Caravan Repair Centre

Call:01495 792700