Annual Servicing South-East Wales

Annual Servicing South-East Wales

Most motorists are familiar with the annual servicing MOT we need to keep our vehicles roadworthy and for any issues to be noticed before they cause an unexpected problem.

While it’s not mandatory to have your caravan serviced each year, we strongly recommend that you do so. That said, it can sometimes be a chore to find a reliable service able to take on our caravan with a full, reliable inspection.

This is where The Caravan Repair Centre comes in. We’re the UK’s premier accident repair centre for a reason. Not only do we have centuries of experience in working on caravans and identifying issues with them, but in servicing full-scale solutions so that even short-notice annual servicing can be completed thoroughly.

With a specified service like ours, you’ll find that even minor issues can be found ahead of time. This is why we’re an NCC-approved, Gas Safe registered, Caravan Club and Camping and caravan club approved service.

What’s involved in the annual servicing of your caravan?

We cover wheel checks and blind checks to qualify the condition of your electrical conditions. As we’re NCC approved, we can check every component of your caravan and make sure it’s functioning correctly.

Additionally, with every service, we provide a free damp check. This means you can correctly identify damp so that necessary repairs can be scheduled ahead of time. Damp can not only harm the functioning of your caravan, but it may cause respiratory conditions simply by occupying your living space; which is never acceptable. That’s why we’ve considered this to be one of the most essential services we carry out.

On top of that, we make sure we attend to brake checks, and check against the possibility of gas leaks too. This means the unthinkable problem of carbon monoxide leaks without detection can be protected against.

Our services are highly affordable with a motorhome and single axel caravan costing £140 excluding parts, and our double axel caravan £180 excluding parts, in addition to our hourly labour rate.

This way, you can be certain that no matter what plans you have for your holidays or expeditions, you can rely on a caravan that will remain functional and have its issues ironed out beforehand. After all, we believe there’s nothing more enjoyable or fun than a long caravan journey with your friends or family.

Finally, we understand that new caravan owners may need additional instruction regarding owning and operating their vehicle; and we’re more than happy to provide it.

Contact us today!

If you’re looking for annual servicing in South-East Wales, we’d love to help you out. We cherish our client and look forward to seeing the very many models of caravans they own. Our fully confidential service will ensure that your vehicle operates smoothly; and its functional lifespan is improved over time.

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