Damp Repairs South-East Wales

Damp Repairs South-East Wales

It’s easy to think of damp as something that occurs in houses, but caravans are susceptible to it too. Really, any construction or interior that has the chance of building moisture which is unable to be released can cause it.

You don’t have to be a distracted or unkempt owner to notice damp building within your caravan. This is a common occurrence for many caravan owners, and as such, appropriate repairs must be found.

At The Caravan Repair Centre, we are thoroughly experienced in identifying, removing and preventing damp, and have satisfied many clients encountering the same issue you are now facing.

As such, we’re perfectly positioned to help you resolve your damp issues.

The danger of damp.

Some damp is caused by condensation but it can also occur through improper sealing; in other words, by allowing the moisture of the exterior environment to seep in. This is also more common during the winter period when windows are shut and the weather conditions outside become more challenging.

Damp can cause mould to grow, which encourages spores and toxins to be breathed in. This can be damaging to health and cause respiratory conditions, which can cause problems for even healthy people. For the elderly and infants, it can cause severe problems if exposure is prolonged. For this reason, if you even suspect damp (sometimes noticeable by a dense and mould-like smell), it’s important to have your caravan serviced.

Damp repairs in South-East Wales.

Visible damp is often indicative of a larger issue under the panels. At The Caravan Repair Centre, we endeavour to fully assess and identify the scale of the problem. This means assessing the most likely ingress points for water to have found its way in.

Checking from the outside in, we can scale the full scope of the issue. We can also track the mould to make sure we know exactly where it’s grown and what effect it might be having. After a full assessment, we will present to you the work that needs to be done. This may include removing parts of your caravan’s exterior so repairs can be made.

We also commit to comprehensively cleaning so that when the source of the damp is resolved, its symptoms are removed at the same time. We can also help reseal and resolve issues that caused damp to be present in the first place, and advise you as to the ventilation setup of your caravan so this issue can be prevented in future.

Our services are affordable, competitive, and we offer a quick turnaround without corrupting the quality of our dedicated work.

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