Gas Certification South-East Wales

Gas Certification South-East Wales

Caravans may seem simple on the surface, but they’re fitted with a range of important appliances; often running through both gas and electricity. As such, they deserve to be treated with the same maintenance expertise as any functional room in a household might.

This is especially important when function and safety are both intrinsically interlinked, and this is certainly the case with how your caravan’s gas appliances work.

The law stipulates that if your caravan is on a rented park you must make sure to gain a gas certificate each year. Regardless of your plans, it’s is important to focus on for the safety of anyone who may be in proximity to the caravan year-round.

Enter The Caravan Repair Centre

The Caravan Repair Centre is staffed by technical experts who are fully Gas Safe registered and able to inspect all elements of your gas system, from the fittings to the storage of the bottles. We also make sure to care for the gas rating and function of your appliances so that all elements of your system are working correctly.

Gas certification testing is arguably one of the most important processes you can go through when ensuring your caravan is safe and ready to function optimally. It’s important to note that without this, not only is the law being broken, but lives are at risk. It’s really that simple.

Gas Safety As Standard

We are able to not only identify faults with your gas system but to make replacements or full refits where appropriate so this function can be properly verified. This way, you can make certain that your gas system is reliable and functioning as it should be.

This way, we can prevent any untoward gas leaks, as well as fit carbon monoxide detectors so you are immediately notified of any issue. We also ensure that the ventilation in your caravan is properly considered so that you can ensure the careful and proper use of your gas system no matter the purpose.

Contact us today!

With over a century of combined experience repairing and redesigning caravans, we know our stuff. We are NCC approved, Gas Safe registered, and have been approved by multiple Caravan Clubs.

We also offer thorough appliance servicing packages so that not only can your gas system be properly checked and resolved, but the appliances that use this to run will operate optimally and cause no damage to the system as a whole. That in itself can be a tremendously valuable investment in your safety and comfort using your caravan from now on.
With our mobile servicing packages, you can also ensure that inconvenience is no obstacle. We can come to your property and make sure all areas of your caravan are functioning optimally so that you can plan your long-form expedition with confidence and enthusiasm.

But why take our word for it? Contact us today on 01495 792 700, or use our contact form to get in touch. We look forward to speaking with you!