Here at The Caravan Repair Centre we have the facilities and experience to allow us to recover both Caravans and Motorhomes quickly, safely and without causing any further damage (as some recovery companies have done in the past). Our drivers are Engineers from our workshop and have an extensive knowledge in both recovery and repairs. We travel all over the UK from Thurso to Penzance, Saint Davids to Lowestoft. 

We have two vehicles at our dispense:

1) Our Recovery Lorry, specifically kitted out with everything that could be needed,

2) Our multipurpose Van suitable for vehicles that can be towed, Caravans with accident damage, etc.

We have all the facilities on site to allow us to repair your vehicle and return it to you as soon as possible. As proved with a very lucky customer below.

This Caravan "jumped" off whilst being towed less than 2 miles from our site, The A Frame and Hitchhead were badly damaged and we were called out to help. We recovered the Caravan and fitted a replacement A frame. Later that day they were on their way again!