Mobile Servicing South-East Wales

Mobile Servicing South-East Wales

One of the main reasons we love caravans is because of how comfortable, convenient and enjoyable they are to take with us on a range of trips and journeys.

Yet if your caravan breaks down or suffers from an equipment fault on the road, it can feel as though your plans have become self-defeating. Never fear! The Caravan Repair Centre are equipped to offer mobile servicing across the nation to make certain your caravan gets back up to speed in no time at all.

You don’t have to be on the road in order to use our services. We’re happy to come to your property and help service your caravan even before a long road trip, or can arrange a place more suitable for you to meet, for example, a storage unit. Please note that we cannot perform services at the side of a road with a warranty.

Our expert technicians can assess your caravan from top to bottom, make note of any issues or fixtures that need our attention, and then resolve those tasks quickly and comprehensively.

Our fully-equipped mobile unit is capable of bringing the best of our workshop to you, so that all inspections can take place within at least one visit.

What servicing tasks are included?

Here we can check your chassis members, your wheels and tyres (as well as the latter’s pressure and condition), test your bearings and breaks, and lubricate moving parts correctly.

We can also check the engines to see if your self-driving caravan is suffering from an automotive fault in need of attention.

Appliance servicing is also a fantastic service in which we check out all of your appliance fixtures, such as the function of your refrigerator or oven. This includes gas appliances. Additionally, the water systems including pipe and filter fittings will be checked, and filters replaced.

General measures may involve damp checks or check for gas leaks. We can test each light individually, and make sure your fuse boards are functioning correctly. These services can be applied to single and double-axel caravans, no matter the make or model.

This way, you can prepare for that road trip or once again become roadworthy. As we’re the premiere accident repair centre in the UK, our technicians have over a century of experience between them, and are more than happy to talk with you through your options. You may be surprised just how quickly we can identify and resolve an issue.

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We’ve earned our reliable reputation for comprehensive servicing and repairs; and are proud to grow our list of cherished clients.

We understand caravan owners are thoroughly informed and often enthusiastic travellers who simply wish to live comfortably and with peace of mind. As such, we’re happy to make arrangements to work with you at your convenience and inform you as to the changes we make.

You can use our contact form to get in touch today (our friendly team will respond ASAP), or contact 01495 792 700 to speak us!